Monday, October 25, 2010

Training of new employees to avoid human resource risk arising

One, thought-provoking case:

Xiao Mou is a private pharmaceutical company's general manager, almost as new products to market around the country, "recruitment", in one fell swoop recruited 60 college students just business. In order for these new employees quickly adapt to the new work, Xiaomou required human resources staff in this new day of new employee training, the main "tasks and demands," "rights and obligations", etc. After the training is also given to each were an employee handbook. The seek to be the
"Young bull" to open the new products in the market, it is unexpected is that less than a month, 60 new employees have 48 lost because companies do not humane, as their money-making machines, some also believe that Despite the high salary, but the force is too large for the new sales have no idea, no older employees with anything on my own, too hard ... ... Xiaomou did not think that the "insignificant", the new staff training down to the company laid
"Risk of seeds."

2, Case Study:

Currently training new employees for the company, a common misconception is that "do not report for work that is it! To slow down, employees will naturally be familiar to all, to adapt to everything. Why the fanfare?" According to statistics, nearly 80% of the domestic enterprises are not effective training of new employees, working on the arrangements for their appointment. Some companies even had a new staff training, but also not paid much attention, just treat it as a simple "administrative steps" too hastily and without careful, less standardized. As everyone knows, this may lead to brain drain will become a "risk of seed."
First joined the new environment, new employees once the face of many past "nothing new." Some are directly related to job duties, for example, Bu Tong's business processes, different industries, customer base; some 绠$悊 style and business environment aspects, for example, financial examination and approval Zhiduo working than were its predecessors the Gengweifuza strictly business, Bumen between Goutong different ways, and even permission to transmit e-mail provisions are different ... ... many older workers are already accustomed to, it seems worth mentioning the details, in terms of the new employees are required to understand and adapt to the "nothing new" and in a strange environment easily emerge at a loss, disappointment, frustration and other negative emotions of the signs, the risk of brain drain also increased.

Third, the solution:

To avoid risks, it should be fast in a short time the new employee into the role of integration into the enterprise, from the "outsider" into a "business person." This requires a systematic approach through the specification making them feel respected, are concerned about the formation of workers sense of belonging, personal career development in the enterprise full of letters. Therefore, timely, standardized, comprehensive training of new employees in human resources management can ignore an important part. It is a follow-up steps to recruit personnel selection is good business to stay only a first step.
Package the idea of culture itself, culture, system culture, behavior and material culture, cultural content. New employees should be allowed in all aspects of the company have a more comprehensive understanding. In addition, the corporate culture is the accumulation and long-term employees receive the company's values and behavior recognition system, the company's culture to pass on to new entrants, allow them to quickly integrate into the company.

Currently, most enterprises training new staff, there are many problems, mainly as follows:

1, in time, inputs, training, more casual arrangements. In the latter work, no time to follow up, a finished thing, will simplify the corporate training
2, in the form, not making a normative text or notes, but unrestrained style to some preaching. Most companies have not yet set up a special department of enterprise culture, only by certain personnel or part-time administrative staff, not the work of the corporate culture system.
3, in the content, just some slogan ideas to the staff when they recite, we do not understand the content of their future importance of the work carried out, and no understanding of these concepts in a concrete manifestation of the work. Even if there is a real cultural training, is limited to the behavior of the constraints on the system and focused is not allowed to do, not on the corporate culture to focus on the real core of the show.

The first 3 to 6 months probation period for new employees is the company's investigation of, in fact, it is also confirmed to have "found the right new owner" of the self-certification period. Successful training of new staff can show to the staff enterprise penetration behavior and spiritual level, the outsider who changed the course of business, to become familiar with and adapt organizational environment and begin preliminary planning career, correct positioning of the role of talent. Enterprises should use a good new employee training in this tool, attracting thousands of people pick pick million full play "to keep people" strategy, do not let "cooked duck," and flew away.

Also known as pre-job training of new staff training, pre-vocational education, is an enterprise recruitment of employees from an outsider who changed the course of business, the staff from one group to another group in the process of integration is the process of staff to change its role. Relative to-the-job training for new staff training must cultivate a sense of belonging and loyalty to the highest priority.

Relative to the training of new employees a few years ago, large companies increasingly aware of the current employee loyalty and employee skills as well as a longer term vision also. Loyalty must be when the new staff training in order to feel the way that they can deliver.
For example, Haier, after the new workers are usually the first thing to do is: hold the old and new "graduates" will be met by the brothers and sisters experience the understanding of Haier. New people can also communicate face to face with the top leadership group the opportunity to understand the mechanism of the company's promotion, career development. New employees in the "heart with bottom" of the case is naturally easy to put a smooth attitude.

In addition, do detailed work will also help new employees a sense of belonging. As in military training when the human resources department to prepare a sour plum, to the end of training a new employee can drink. Mid-Autumn Festival, group president back from the field to spend enjoyable night with the students, these are all new employees to experience the feeling of home that the company is their second home.

In the centralized training, the human resources department to do is to allow new employees to mind he say it to form a democratic and free atmosphere, make it more confidence into the new work.


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"Adopted piecemeal measures" to enhance the enthusiasm of distributors

With the shops and markets to enhance market rates gradually mature product margins shrink seems to be a trend, but the key problem is that, due to shrinking profit margins led to active distributors decreased, it is easy to provide an opportunity for other brands. So, in my Journal of Changsha During the Forum, journalists do specifically with the number of liquor dealers of communication and exchange, found the symptoms of several products falling profits, the same time, under the guidance of an expert teacher Li Youjun, we conclude several "adopted piecemeal measures" approach, to be right medicine to enhance the enthusiasm of distributors.

Symptoms: No, do not make money, but profit margins narrow

Analyzed by distributors, will find several aspects affecting business profits: Unit profit margin, that is, how much each can sell a product; overall profits, that is, their daily, monthly, how much profit each year to money; network situation is not as soon as possible, as smoothly as possible to try to build a large distribution network.

Antidote: to clarify these points, we can take the following specific measures the actual situation:

First, the product itself to increase the distributor's unit profit. Methods are:

1. Directly reduce the supply price;

2. Indirectly through promotion to reduce supplier prices;

3. Through the regular rebate per case to increase unit profit.

Among them, the indirect method of price reduction of four: one directly giving the goods; second, giving the other specifications under the same brand or even different types of products, such as a large package to send small packages, etc.; 3 is giving away other brands and even different types of products, such as a particular brand of wine sent to other brands of liquor or beverages; fourth, giving non-food products, such as many businesses like gift umbrellas, children's toys. The carton of regular rebate in two ways: First, excluding sales, due to each box of product that a certain amount of the rebate; second is the establishment of sales Hum grade level according to Hom different products for different amounts per case rebate.

Secondly, the product itself to increase the distributor's overall profit. Methods are:

1. Through the promotion of consumer advocacy to improve the sales of distributors to enhance their overall profit.

2. By the end of the rebate to increase overall profits;

3. By helping to expand the sales network of distributors to increase sales distributors to enhance their overall profit.

At the end of the rebate is actually brought their own factory or a part of business profits to the distributors. And help distributors to expand sales network this way is easy to overlook the many manufacturers and distributors a way. In fact, this method can enhance the distributor's sales, they also can increase the depth of product distribution, distributors can also increase loyalty. Branch manager of a wine company found that, due to unhealthy competition, the county-level distributors have become very low profit margins, but most distributors in the network construction still large room for development. He then through a variety of ways to help, guide distributors to expand sales area, as the earth to establish sales networks, such as expanding the distribution of township and increase City retail points. The results, although the unit did not increase profits, but sales go up as distributors, and accordingly, their overall profit also doubled.

Third, by indirectly increasing retail prices to increase profit margins

In this competitive market conditions, fierce Di Xia, directly improve the product's retail price is not realistic, but businesses are Keyi Tongguotuichu new method of indirect or packaging specifications to improve the retail price, and then will be part of the space allocated to distributors.

Symptoms 2: lack of a sense of belonging, who pushed who profit another job

Tender for distributors generally are high-volume pick-up, scattered distribution wholesale, earned profits is limited space. Thus for the second installment in terms of distributors, who pushed who profit big on the products, while other products are able to sell, sell, make money on the line, once the narrow profit margins, positive decrease, no loyalty and no sense of belonging.

Antidote: First, alliance batches distributors.

1. To form alliance agreement. The second installment of distributors into the vendor management system, such as through dealers and distributors spread distribution of batches, back out the distribution agreement, the second installment of distributors into their management systems, policy transparency, consistent marketing, promotion Commodities decentralization, not only have a sense of belonging to batches distributors, but also to mobilize the second installment of distributor enthusiasm.

2. Marketers into the second issue of distribution channels. Work through the division of marketing personnel to adjust, so that marketing staff of the dealer management also further batches distribution channels to help batches distributors publicity channels, channel dredging, cargo segregation and terminal maintenance and management, Although products such narrow profit margins, improve sales, also increased the second installment of the enthusiasm of distributors.

Second, the establishment of regional systems of protection.

Distribution channels through the second installment of the strict division of the region to form a separate closed area of marketing and market conditions and the second installment under the requirements of different distributors, under the principle of consensus in the promotion, to spread and promotion of the fine-tuning, so that batches independent distributors to find the feeling of the market, but also to mobilize the enthusiasm of a method of dealers.

Third, the establishment of batches distributors to upgrade the system.

Distributors to create batches of different levels of upgrade system, aimed to the second installment of a bright future of distributors plan to mobilize their enthusiasm. If the market situation with sales, distribution rate, new market rate, sales growth, loan recovery and other indicators, setting up distributors to upgrade systems and assessment methods, which enjoy different standards of treatment or back out.

4, "Teach One to fish than giving the fishing."

Points for the second issue of the establishment of business training system, by providing to the second issue of the formal system of training distributors the opportunity to help distributors grow batches, to mobilize the enthusiasm of distributors batches.

5, through the customer relationship to enhance their love initiative.

Although the benefit of the main business, but the feelings of people say, usually through telephone communication to communicate by phone or SMS holiday greetings greetings, often to the distributors there, walk, chat. Sometimes the conversation does not do business just about business than the effect of the negotiations that it is better if the manufacturers or distributors to consciously improve customer intelligence relationship to the distributor positive improvement is obvious.

Three symptoms: lack of advance planning, resulting in late, "do nothing"

The face of relatively stable consumer, retail outlets to open the market, in order to survive, the most likely to fight a price war is the simplest and most effective weapon is to take best-selling product price war. Since all channels of the vicious competition, mature products in the market environment to maintain high profits is not realistic. The expanding market early due to lack of market planning, when selling goods falling profits, the profits of enterprises do not have enough space to add, it will cause similar problems encountered when companies "do nothing."

Antidote: first, manufacturers and distributors marketing objectives to be consistent. As manufacturers, general business market, the first consideration is to maximize sales, profit from the scale. Most dealers take into account is from a single product at a profit, thus creating a market operation conflicts.

Early promotion in the market, manufacturers rely on distributors and the second issue of the distribution channel, end retailers to promote, so the market will develop a strict, relatively handsome profit channel distribution system, because this time the dealers and manufacturers market position, the factory in a weak position, as soon as the product on the market is strong when the factory on a strong position to expand market share, manufacturers will take into account the profits of the difference channels to gain more market share, through a variety of promotions or mandatory requirements, will be reduced to a reasonable range of channel profits. Therefore, in the pre-market planning must make a reasonable arrangement.

Second, good distribution network layout. Many manufacturers in product promotion time as planning, have not done a very good distribution network layout, resulting in channel profits after the price of confusion and thus reduce the impact of the product price system stability. Therefore, attention in the following areas:

1. First of all channels to attach great importance to the planning of profit, profit margins on the products to do a long-term planning.

2. Strengthen the channel planning. Rational distribution channel network, that is, taking into account the market coverage, sales maximization, but also to take into account the stability of market prices, to avoid overlapping networks.

3. Do promotions work. Promotion should be targeted promotional activities, according to channel characteristics and the characteristics of the next level dealer to carry out promotional activities, promotional activities should be firm in principle, activity was over, the immediate restoration of the original price, efforts to take appropriate, that is, taking into account on the distribution network is attractive enough, it can not be too much. For different channels, different customers into the design of channels for promotional efforts, to carry out promotional activities, as long as the manufacturer and a distributor determination, the implementation of activities in place, the market is not random price, sales price, the channel profit is to follow factory the intention of walking.

Third, strengthen market management and services. When the market has limited profit margins, already thin profits when dealers to maintain steady sales growth, we must strengthen market management and service work, pay a return visit regularly and communicate sales outlets for distribution of large and timely communication and give some channel maintenance award, and even give up part of the network allowed the development of large batches seized the market to grasp the basic sales volume. When the market when the profit space, and more on the market to strengthen management, has continued to maintain channels of goods, short delivery promotional another pressure point, to enhance communication between service handling, sales would not have much market ups and downs.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cisco: IPTV ice soon

Recent period of warming up on the topic of IPTV. Shanda Sina purchase intention to meddle in IPTV event has not calmed down, it is said that SARFT will soon release the news of two operating license IPTV, IPTV became an industry focus. Widely believed, IPTV will be the impact of the traditional chain of communication industry and is likely to re-shaping to form a new chain. IPTV has caused operators, users and providers of equipment and programs such as the main link chain attached great importance to the new demands call for IPTV service users
As the end of the industrial chain, the user's expectations can be said for the IPTV service has long been desired.
Existing domestic cable Cable service is also largely a "service product-oriented", the user can only passively accept the services provided by operators, but the user's demand has been a constant change, they want to own choice of services they want such as video on demand (VOD). IPTV is the best way to achieve this business. Present, many users only in accordance with the domestic cable network operator menu listed mechanical and enjoy TV services, but also to put offensive "advertising time." TV entertainment to a large extent, still just a tool.
"Free on-demand movies you want to see, pre-recorded a wonderful time favorite music, watching TV while the exchange with distant friends share each other's experiences ... ..." - I believe that this is a lot of user expectations. IPTV can easily achieve all this. But users want more. They look forward, not only Keyi enjoy television to music, movies, TV, Ye Xi Wang can Tongguo Internet TV can be safely Fang Wen, Jinxingwangshang shopping, Wangluojiaoyi and video telephony Deng Deng, and avoid the house minors in Liu Lan Bushi Dang programs. Therefore, they require not just simply put on top of a TV set-top box only.
Therefore, users expect high quality, integration of multiple functions and services of high quality solutions.

Operators expect the killer application
IPTV is also on the bright market prospects. According to China Internet Network Information Center in January 2005 China Internet Survey Report released by the end of 2004, broadband users has reached 42.8 million, in 2010 the figure will rise to 100 million. The one by the Asian cable and satellite Broadcasting Association of CASBAA's forecast shows the 2010 pay-TV subscribers in China will reach 128 million, a rough estimate, in 2010 China's IPTV (Internet TV) the potential market size to more than 2000 billion.
For users 鐨?IPTV business needs as well as bright market prospects, as the communication chain of the core link in Business, IPTV operators more on the business right enough of the attention given Le. Whether carriers or cable operators, IPTV will be the broadband network service levels by carrying the killer application. Reason for holding this view, is a telecommunications network, cable network, the Internet continue to "fusion" trend determined. Integration will be mainly reflected in the network, application and service three.
Operators to avoid the use of multiple layers or parallel network, the network needs to provide unified services to improve the fiber-optic service providers, capital resources, operational efficiency. This necessary requirement for the existing network infrastructure to high-level structure from the fusion. At the same time, operators also want to build an intelligent network, which can be in various forms, flexible network access for the user to provide service continuity and common features, this service can be a continuity of service operators is an important project features help to attract new customers and reduce customer turnover rate, meaning that operators provide services to users will also be moving toward integration. In addition, operators Huan look forward to an open De system architecture with support for rich applications of integration, so you can Zheng He in the same connection the various services, 浠?璁惧 support multiple types of terminals, thus, network applications also must move toward integration.
However, we must also see the current operators are facing some problems. The first is the bandwidth bottleneck of the problem is the bandwidth resources can only meet 5% of the potential demand for IPTV users, expansion is a solution. But the more the temptation to operators should be to transform the existing network optimization to enhance network manageability, reliability and security and so on. This is the most quickly is a way less investment cost.

IPTV brilliant tomorrow together to create multi-
In summary, IPTV services will be available communications industry, the impact of chain formation. Changed the face of user demand, this chain also need to re-forging equipment provider, content service providers, particularly the former support. For IPTV, operators expect that changes in user demand, industry-related major equipment and solution providers have given sufficient attention, and made positive efforts.
Based on the "3 +1" core values, the industry-leading Cisco IPTV solution put forward to help our customers succeed, and create more value for users. Cisco program has been in the U.S., Europe and other regions was successfully applied. Cisco's "3 +1" IPTV solution that can be so understanding. It is both the IP NGN (next generation IP network) the development trend of intelligent information network architecture, integration of multiple technologies, so that operators can provide more services, provide a richer end-user services.
Specifically, the program has three bright spots. First, the efficient means of flow control, network operators can monitor the network traffic very well the type and size; Second, differentiated services, means of control, so users can be different for the different nature of services; the three real-time detection, active operation and maintenance, network operators can discover the potential failure (such as congestion, blocked), the user should be resolved before the declaration, the user will not have any impact.
Meanwhile, Cisco's program is a highly secure solution. The future of IPTV services bearer network must be IP NGN. To program source, for example, it is the future success of IPTV service itself one of the key factors. Therefore, integration of the Cisco "network of self-defense," safety concept of the program using a variety of security measures to ensure that the program source server's high security. Cisco program also enables end to end security control of the IPTV business, such as program source confirmed to confirm the identity of legitimate users and so on.
"Cisco has been working through the IP NGN enables cable companies to provide faster transition to consumers and businesses the services they need to help them speed up the service speed of the speed and profitability, while reducing operating costs," Cisco's service provider Business Marketing, said Jeff Spagnola, vice president, "to help operators achieve their goal of IP NGN, Cisco will continue to invest in wired network technology and system development, system testing and implementation services."

In a sense, IPTV has not only led to a pure technology itself will be the future of telecommunications, broadcasting and the Internet "triple play" of a symbol. Can be said that the joint efforts of industry chain parties, IPTV will become more fully integrated triple-play of their own high-quality resources, accelerating the process of triple play, for operators to open up more business, but also to provide users with more exciting services. Each link in the chain gather multi-energy, IPTV is poised to take off, the business full swing just around the corner.


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Orient Securities Executive Assistant Shu Wang: grab the share of off-site transactions

Orient Securities Assistant to President, Information Technology Center, Shu Wang is an old stock IT. Said that he older, not because of his age, but because he engaged in securities IT qualifications. Most recently, he was promoted to assistant president also explained the importance of information technology companies. It is clear that the securities of the East is very profound.

Yong-Gang Wang: Please briefly comment on the introduction of floating commission system, the impact on the broker?

Shu Wang: Obviously, any company or business department of the brokerage business profits on costs, commissions and trading volume standard three factors; If the commission down, market competition and shrinking trading volume, the securities firm may be an extensive operation Shi Dai Qu not forever, a; broker this will also adjust the pattern of traditional brokerage services, online transactions will become a mainstream-site transactions, as technology advances greatly reduce the cost of online transactions. The information that the United States online trading is free tendency, such as the AMERI-TRADE at the end of April 2000 launch the free trade of the site, while the abolition of the traditional service, no longer charge any transaction fees; in South Korea, online transactions The total transaction volume has accounted for more than 60% of the current South Korean online trading commission is generally the Securities and Exchange commission of 1 / 4, low-commission online trading for online trading volume has soared.

Yong-Gang Wang: So how in the floating commission system embodies the advantages of online trading?

Shu Wang: The current system of fixed commissions on the traditional trading and online trading is "equality" at this stage is not conducive to the further development of online transactions. As low-cost online trading, for the realization of floating commission system provides the foundation. In turn, the commission reduced greatly facilitated the development of online trading. The emergence of online virtual sales department, can greatly reduce operating costs. It is estimated that support the same number of customers, online transactions, investment sales department is the traditional 20% to 30%, the daily operating costs of traditional business department of 20% to 25%. According to statistics, the total market transactions in 2001 decreased by 30% compared to 2000 based on the volume of online transactions in 2000 compared with double the number of Internet accounts in 2000 than double the competitive online brokerage trading is becoming the focus. From a global point of view, the most advanced online trading to the United States. The U.S. online securities trading is basically universal, about 30% -50% of the securities transactions, directly or indirectly conducted through the Internet. South Korea in recent years, the level of online trading commissions declined significantly from 4.9 鈥?to 1.3 鈥?around. South Korea's pure online brokerage online trading commission has reduced to 0.29 鈥? close to the free state, with the commission down, the explosive growth of Internet transactions, accounting for more than 50%; Hong Kong, Japan and other countries as well. In addition, online trading has stimulated the difference between brokers or customers personalized service. Overseas experience shows that the decline in brokerage commissions is to promote the development of the original power-line transactions. Online transaction costs down for the commission to create a space, turn down a commission to promote the accelerated development of online transactions.

Yong-Gang Wang: your company will be to do?

Shu Wang: The above analysis, the securities industry reshuffle is inevitable, we should strive to make "saving" and "open source", and grasp the balance two lines. Our sales department will carry out structural analysis of costs and expenses, look for cost-cutting potential. Timely adjustments to the layout at the same time brokerage business, to the use of information technology and developing off-site trading, online trading, to build their own core competencies. It contains two meanings: First, a strategic transaction in a timely manner to promote the site and gradually shift to off-site transactions, and second, timely adjustments to the scene from a tactical trading in the distribution between different regions. Competitive regional market under normal circumstances is not only appropriate to introduce new or expanding on-site security company trading site area, spot transactions increased investment in equipment, but also a part of business networks will withdraw from these areas to shift to the market potential and market space greater competition in areas of relatively less intense re-deployment. At the same time on different ways to implement differential pricing of transactions, or transactions by way of various different differential fee ratio for existing shareholders and new investors, especially to off-site trading commission online trading and telephone transfers. Once off-site sales office in a transaction volume of all transactions to achieve a considerable proportion of it should begin to consider reducing the sales department of on-site trading site area, in order to compress space rental fee.

Yong-Gang Wang: online trading a good prospect, so we increase investment in this regard. Your company in the fierce market competition opportunities for development lie?

Shu Wang: We will implement the "market + technology + innovation = the securities brokerage business, core competencies," the purpose. Specifically, that:

1. To strengthen the integration of marketing channels

We will target customer segmentation of different customers to different products, pricing and promotion strategy. To small customers, we will enhance the on-line consultation service, online personal professional personal service, a multi-channel and multi-way commission system, making transactions easy and safe.

2. To increase the construction of information technology platform

We Orient Securities addition to adapting to new technologies, the beat, the more should the technology to create new living space to become the lead protagonists. Only by successfully obtained the support of technology platforms, services a wide range of established sites, build a strong sales network that has the possibility to upgrade the service to an interactive, timely, storage of, humanity, wide audience and high, breaking the development bottleneck barriers.

3. Broker to explore new business models

Orient Securities will be step by step at different levels to build customer service center. Known in the field, relying on the existing business department, low cost way of quickly expanding sales department covered the surrounding area; in unknown areas, extending the company's communications network and business networks; in key areas, in-depth penetration; eventually form a national coverage for a variety of devices and communications trading platform, more specifically, to carry out various financial services to a distribution network.

Yong-Gang Wang: As the core of the development of off-site trading department, how to take on the important task of development?

Shu Wang: Yes, seize the market share of off-site transactions, our brokerage business is an important part of development, which is building the technology platform the company has put forward higher requirements; now, we need to increase investment, construction an efficient, stable multi-terminal, multi-channel, multi-platform way of transaction services, focused on developing telephone Wei Tuo, Yinzhengtong, online transaction, Wuxianyidong services such as Fei-site trading platform Xitong of Gou Jian on. Securities broker working platform construction is a priority, working platforms, including performance statistics from the securities broker, reward distribution, customer information, profit and loss situation, the outside information to the operations of securities broker office management, training, assessment, sales support system platform achieve decentralized securities broker a comprehensive support and management. Building customer call center (CALLCENTER), commissioned the building of a unified national telephone service system and the use of national universal number, all the business department of the telephone commission trading, online trading and consulting will focus on the unified platform to come. Building customer relationship management system (CRM), CRM system will enable the company's marketing, sales management, call center, service and technical support and information management aspects in an orderly, fully and timely within the company and the customer flow to achieve efficient use of client resources, so as Eastern securities customers a more complete service.

Yong-Gang Wang: Can you predict the implementation of the floating commission system after the brokerage part of the development?

Shu Wang: Currently more than 100 securities firms in the short term no one in the brokerage business to gain competitive advantage overall is impossible, then the broker must adjust their market positioning, in the brokerage business, the establishment of a market segment competitive advantage. In the United States, Merrill Lynch to provide customers with comprehensive financial management in the market gaining a greater market share; and Edward. Jones expansion by low cost, use of price leverage, at the low end (the client does not need too many additional services) to obtain a competitive advantage. Broker must re-evaluate themselves, integrate resources, and strive in their target markets achieve competitive advantage can be cruel in the next reshuffle in an invincible position.


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photoshop font effects - Cotton words

In this case, we will make a Cotton effect of the font, which applied to the major commands: AddNoise; Median; Contract; Feather; Crystallize.
First create a new file, the size of their set, in this case 400X200pixels, the background is white.
In the Channels control panel, create a new Alpha1 channel. Select the text tool in the toolbox of rampant enter letters, font size 60pixels, and drag it to the appropriate location.
Implementation of the Select> Save Selection command to create a new Alpha2 channel. However, Alpha1 is still the current channel.
Implementation of the Select> Modify> Contract command, ready to narrow the edge of the letter.
In the Contract Selection dialog box, set the Contract By: 4pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Select> Save Selection command, in the pop-up dialog box, select the following New Channel Operation option item to create a new Alpha3 channel. However, Alpha1 is still the current channel.
Implementation of the Select> Modify> Contract command, ready to shrink once again the edge of the letter.
In the Contract Selection dialog box, set the Contract By: 4pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Select> Save Selection command, in the pop-up dialog box, select the following New Channel Operation option item to create a new Alpha4 channel. However, Alpha1 is still the current channel.
Implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, ready to load Alpha2 channel selection range.
In the Load Selection dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha2, the rest according to the default value, press the OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, in the pop-up dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha4, select the Operation of the Subtract From Selection option to the following items, to confirm and press the OK button.
Implementation of the Select> Feather command, ready to select the parts of emergence treatment.
In the Feather Selection dialog box, set the Feather Radius: 8pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.

Implementation of the Filter> Noise> Add Noise command, ready to make noise while the image results.
In the Add Noise dialog box, set: Amount: 160; Distribution: Gaussian, and press the OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Filter> Pixelate> Crystallize command, ready to Noise mixed with some small effect of hard particles.
In Crystallize dialog box, set: Cell Size: 8, and press OK button to confirm.

Implementation of the Filter> Noise> Add Noise command, ready to select the part of the production of hybrid point effect.
In the Add Noise dialog box, set: Amount: 120; Distribution: Gaussian, and press the OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Filter> Noise> Median command, ready to make smooth edges Noise effect effect.
In Median dialog box, set: Radius: 3pixels, and press OK button to confirm.

Implementation of the Image> Adjust> Levels command, ready to adjust the colors within the selected range.
In the Levels dialog box, set the Input Levels: 0,5.98,255, the rest according to the default value, press the OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, in the pop-up dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha2, the rest according to the default value, press the OK button to confirm.

Implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, in the pop-up dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha3, select the Operation of the Subtract From Selection option to the following items, to confirm and press the OK button.
Implementation of the Filter> Pixelate> Crystallize command, ready to Noise mixed with some small effect of hard particles.
In Crystallize dialog box, set: Cell Size: 8, and press OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Filter> Noise> Add Noise command, ready to select the part of the production of hybrid point effect.
In the Add Noise dialog box, set: Amount: 120; Distribution: Gaussian, and press the OK button to confirm.

Implementation of the Filter> Noise> Median command, ready to make smooth edges Noise effect effect.
Median dialog box, set: Radius: 3pixels, and press the OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Select> Load Selection command, in the pop-up dialog box, set the Channel: Alpha1, and press the OK button to confirm.
Implementation of the Image> Adjust> Levels command, ready to adjust the colors within the selected range.
In the Levels dialog box, set the Input Levels: 0,5.98,255, the rest according to the default value, press the OK button to confirm.
Back to the RGB color mixing state, not to cancel the selected range, then Control Panel from the Layers to create two new layers, namely layers Layer1 and Layer2 layer. At this point, Layer2 layer for the current layer. The foreground color set to white, to fill the selected letters, because this time window in the foreground and background color of the image are white, so the letters were selected as no change, but after following a few steps will be visible effects.
Right click the Layer1 layer, making it the current layer. Then, the foreground color set to black, press Alt + Delete key to fill.

Select the move tool in the toolbox, using the keyboard or mouse to select the letters to move within.
Deselect range. Implementation of the Image> Adjust> Threshold command in the pop-up dialog box, set the Threshold Level: 130, press the OK button to confirm.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

When faced with salesman salesman

One day, when I pass by subway, to see a "Beijing News" The promoters are there to each person passing nod stoop. This is a 20-year-old girl in his early, more signs look reasonably well, the image seems very correct. When I walked by her side, she gently asked me one too: "Do not come to a" Beijing News "." I am a poor and white entrepreneurs, start-ups, I time and money are very not good, so in a long time, I have not bought a newspaper, even professional financial, management, the newspaper is true, let alone the "Beijing News" This entertainment-oriented newspaper to do. So I can not be refused. However, when entering the subway, but not let me feel very guilty. Because I am also a salesman, I can deeply feel the difficulties of a salesman. I could feel the girl is now only left a newspaper, and this newspaper is a dollar, why I can not help her for a while? So I'll go back, bought the paper. An episode, made me have to mind much.

Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a graduate student, I was not good at marketing. But to start, I can not force themselves through marketing, to selling sentiment, to challenge the market. Although up to now, I still was a very bad salesman, and I still can not fully integrated into a marketing role far, I am still a very poor mobility marketing far, I am still a lack of confidence in the salesman, I am still a certain lack of desire to be successful salesman, I am still a very fear of being rejected by a salesman, I am still a performance very bad salesman. But as a salesman facing hardship necessary, I fully understood.

Extreme lack of integrity in the market, a salesman with the customer standing in a very sharp hostile stance. As a salesman, I do not have much direct call on customers, did not worry much actual sales, but from the experience of people around me, I am as a salesman inevitably encounter some wronged and should not be blamed. Ping An Insurance Company in the case, in the Amway same. Ping An Insurance is a very great company, Ping An Insurance is a very cultural connotation of the company, is a very vindictive company.

As the insurance industry, the flagship company after China Life, Ping An in strategic planning and personnel training are all excellent. Although for various considerations, I spent a month in peace only to leave, but for peace of gratitude to now has will be by the students, however. Amway same. As a 45-year-old commodity producers, Amway did to the Chinese customers the highest quality goods and services, as a profound Christian background, with deep cultural heritage of the multi-level network marketing company, Amway did many of China bring a comprehensive public education system, brought about a fair and reasonable opportunity to start from scratch. However, because some clerk does not sell the right means to make a lot of people lost their respect. I can understand the root causes of this situation occurs. The reason why I think we will have these ideas, it is too far because the behavior of some salesman, because I know there are some salespeople do not indecent behavior, people can not turn away from them. But equally, I can not help but feel that the current social practices of the salesman is so incomplete and there are different views.

I often think that a truly rational person should know the actual analysis of the practical problems of people. I always thought that a truly literate person is standing on the other side to understand the position to consider the problem of people. I often think that a truly loving people who know how to care and compassion. I often sell these as their guidelines. I often think that "others have behaved, not impose on others" is a salesman for every code of ethics should be followed. It is guided by this criterion, so reluctant to recommend the products they do not like others, are also reluctant to use the other party can not accept the way to sell products to others. Perhaps this is so far, I have no reason for a little performance. But I do not change their own criteria, therefore, for me to win the business made more important than friendship; win the respect is more important than access to wealth. Of course I am not saying that every salesman should be, and I uphold the same standards of conduct, after all, every person has the cognitive meaning of life is completely different, so I think that salesman did not lose customers in respect of the premise, due to Some skills are what really should be, and it is entirely reasonable. Therefore, I can understand why continue to have to learn to sell sales techniques. However, certain salesmen selling skills shortage of over-valued these, and to results they really can do anything out, so that people can not help them and their agents have an enormous product and company suspect.

But as a customer, then why should not we reflect on ourselves? Really a sales process, sales and customer service on a particular commodity or a consensus process. In the sales process, salesperson, if not a good environment, does not truly the product of the advantages of complete, objective was introduced and displayed. For the salesman, he did reduce performance, lower income. But for customers, the loss is not the same access to quality goods and services opportunities? As a customer, you really have the time, the salesman did so many time to understand this kind of goods and services? Do you really was so strong resolving power to find for themselves the safest, most high-quality goods and services? especially some very professional, very high tech products. Maybe you think that a salesman with goods or services because they have a interest in the fair must be difficult to make a real impact statements, but not you think that with advertising and the certification authority, you must be able to be completely fair information? Perhaps contact your salesman does not make a fair judge, not you should deny his agent and his choice of goods company? Do all you can deny him the same goods salesman agent? I would like to We will not be a woman Shi Zhen, they believe that all women are unchaste; we will not loose a man and think that all men are dissolute. We can in fact often doing similar things. We have not thought about, maybe if we give appropriate salesman salesmen who are some of the love and mercy, they were able to bring you more laughter and joy!

As a salesman, I will continue to uphold its principles, as a customer I will continue to uphold their principles. Maybe I will for a long time without results, but it does not matter, because I will be more affectionate and respect; maybe I will many times still for some salesman's trick and cheated, but I can get more knowledge of goods I also have to differentiate between what is a better friend, what is the liar. I can because of his love for the real value of goods and services, and real taste salesman who won the friendship, but you can get more from his knowledge and interaction with others of the truth. Of course I also hope that more salespeople and I have more customers are willing to work together to implement this idea, let us live in a world can have more mutual trust, mutual understanding!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good-OK MOV Video Converter

Good-OK MOV Video Converter is a powerful and splendid tool for MOV conversion task. It can convert all video files such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, ASF, VOB, MP4, iPhone, FLV to MOV. It also can convert MOV to all other video formats including AVI, WMV, DVD, MP4, iPod, 3GP, iPhone, Zune, PSP, Xbox, PMP, Apple TV, Pocket PC, FLV, and SWF. It can extract audio from MOV video and save them as MP3, AAC, AC3, AMR, M4A, OGG, and WAV.

Support converting all video files such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, ASF, VOB, MP4, iPhone, MOV, FLV to MOV

Support converting MOV to all other video formats including AVI, WMV, DVD, MP4, iPod, iPhone, Zune, 3GP, Xbox, PMP, PSP, Apple TV, Pocket PC, FLV, SWF.

It can extract audio from MOV and save them as MP3, AAC, AC3, AMR, M4A, OGG, and WAV.

It provides batch conversion. You can convert multiple files at the same time.

You can keep the default setting. You can also set the parameters by yourself.

With MOV Video Converter, you will get any output formats with super fast speed and the most excellent quality.

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